Real Estate is a Dream Business for Randy Allen, Developer

Randy Allen, developer, has always been interested in running a business and for Randy Allen, developer; the ability to run his own business is a reality. Randy Allen, developer takes pride in the all operations of his business: US Housing Investments. Randy Allen, developer is the proud President and Chief Operating Officer of US Housing Investments. Randy Allen, developer, began working in real estate after attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Randy Allen, developer, possesses many years of quality experience in the real estate development business. Randy Allen, developer, through his real estate business has tackled everything from small scale home site developments to heavily populated planned communities. Randy Allen, developer, has completed projects in multiple states. So far, Randy Allen, developer, can boast development projects in six states.  Randy Allen, developer’s projects include locations in South Carolina, Florida, and North Carolina.

The communities built by Randy Allen, developer, were carefully set up by Randy Allen, developer. He designed some of the communities to present the atmosphere of a summer resort while maintaining the practical needs and functionality of a year round residence. Creating these unique home sites and community projects is a signature design of Randy Allen, developer. Nearly all of Randy Allen, developer’s clients are happy and content when they see his final work. Each community demonstrates the high quality of Randy Allen, developer’s work as a real estate developer and his skill as a highly professional business owner.

As of 2013, Randy Allen, developer, has made significant progress on the latest community of single-family home sites. His development is located Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and features newly constructed homes built by others. As a real estate developer, Randy Allen, developer, has grown a reputation for the development of single-family home sites and in addition, Randy Allen, developer, has overseen the development of manmade lakes and marinas.


Randy Allen, Developer, Gives Back to His Community

Alongside his work in real estate development, Randy Allen, developer, strongly values giving back to his community. Randy Allen, developer, believes that fulfillment in life comes not just from personal success, but from helping others. Randy Allen, developer, cares about a number of causes significant to him, but most of all, he is an advocate for the blind. The National Braille Press is just one of the many organizations which can call  on Randy Allen, developer, for contributions and support. Another organization Randy Allen, developer, supports is the Metrolina Association for the Blind.

In addition to his advocacy for the blind, Randy Allen considers the state of wildlife and nature to be very important to him. This is reflected in the construction of many of the housing developments that Randy Allen, developer, has managed. Indeed, Randy Allen, developer, believes that it is very important to create communities around existing natural beauty, and many of his planned communities include recreational facilities that allow residents to enjoy being in nature, such as nature trails for jogging and hiking, natural lakes, and beaches. Randy Allen, developer, hopes that residents of his communities will be able to enjoy their natural environment as much as he does.

But developer Randy Allen’s love of nature extends beyond his business. From 2005 to 2011, Randy Allen, developer, was proud to serve as a board member on the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

As he continues his work in real estate, Randy Allen, developer, hopes to encourage others to experience the wonders of their natural environment through the natural beauty of the communities Randy, Allen, developer, has helped to create. In addition to creating opportunities to enjoy nature, Randy Allen, developer, plans to continue to support the causes he is passionate about with his time, contributions, and stewardship.

How Randy Allen Balances Career and Family

Randy Allen is a well-known real estate developer who has had a long and varied career in real estate. He is known as a professional, thorough developer who creates developments that are community and family friendly. To date, Randy Allen has been responsible for designing, developing, and building many single family neighborhood developments. He attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he learned many of the skills that make him a successful business owner. Now, he is the President and CEO of several real estate companies, and has won awards for his excellent work. Randy Allen lives and runs his business from North Carolina, but he is in charge of several projects in different parts of the southeast United States. Many people look up to Randy Allen for his success in his professional life, but people also respect him for the way that he balances his professional life with his family life.

For any successful professional, having a personal life is essential to success. Spending time with family is an important part of taking good care of yourself, so that you can work hard in your professional life. Family get-togethers are also great ways for professionals to get advice and guidance from people they love and trust. Randy Allen says that it is important to make sure that business doesn’t take over family events. “I need to leave business at the door and enjoy my family without thinking about work.” Randy Allen knows that by spending time with his family, he is able to recharge and feel refreshed when he gets back to work. It is also important to him that he is able to help his family when they need him. Even though he works hard at his job in real estate development, he also works hard to make time for his family.


Randy Allen Designs and Develops Neighborhoods

In Randy Allen’s more than 40 years in the real estate business, he has undertaken all sorts of projects. He primarily has preferred working on larger housing developments throughout his career. From his reputation and from looking at his work, one can tell that Randy is particularly talented as a planner, designers, and developer of land. He goes through a complex design process that makes sure the finished product meets the customers needs.

The design process has several steps. First, Randy Allen envisions the finished product. He asks himself some important questions. Who will live in the community? What are their goals? Do they have other needs, like places to play, run, or bike? What are their safety concerns, and what types of businesses do they want nearby? Then, he draws up a draft plan.

Next, he shares the plans for feedback. As he had gained more than 40 years of experience, he has more and more ideas that can work in different communities. However, he always makes sure that project’s stakeholders have an opportunity to weigh in on the design. Then, he makes any revisions and goes through a final review before the building of the project is underway!

Once the plan is completed, Randy Allen North Carolina Developer exercises his management skills in the execution of the development project. Whether he’s working with his own team or with contractors, Randy Allen ensures that everyone is on the same page and that the development is unfolding according to plan. By maintaining such a hands-on role in projects, Randy Allen is able to guarantee quality service time and time again. Regardless of the scope of the project, Randy Allen is able to fuse efficiency and timeliness into all his projects. Randy Allen currently lives in North Carolina,  where he maintains many strong personal and professional ties. North Carolina is also where his business is headquartered.

R.A. Management Inc. and Randy Allen Receive Award

R.A. Management Inc. is a Charlotte- based development company run by Randy Allen, a development expert with more than 40 years of experience. The company specializes in single family neighborhood development. R.A. Management Inc. implements projects all over the Southeastern United States. They have had many very successful developments over the years.

In April 2009, Randy Allen and R.A. Management Inc. were the recipients of a national award from the American Council of Engineering Companies. Randy Allen received the award because of the excellent work that his company, R.A. Management Inc., did in building a state of the art waste water treatment plant. The American Council of Engineering Companies is a professional association for companies that work in all sectors of the engineering profession.

Each year, the Association votes on engineering projects that were innovative, groundbreaking, or of particularly high quality. The R.A. Management Inc. project was selected because it was high-quality engineering project that was carried out without sacrificing quality. The structure is not interruptive of any on the community’s neighborhoods, but will bring great benefit to the neighborhood.

Through R.A. Management Inc., Randy Allen has planned and constructed two waste water treatment plants to date, but he looks forward to working on even more projects of this type. He proudly accepted this award.  He is very grateful to the large team of contractors and employees who helped develop the plant and make it into a reality. R.A. Management Inc. is thrilled with the award, and they are looking forward to adding more awards to their shelf.

“We’re so very honored to be recognized for our hard work,” says Randy Allen. “We’re passionate about building and strengthening communities throughout North Carolina, and we’re glad that others are excited about it as well.” Randy Allen has maintained close ties with his community. He hopes that other business professionals will leverage their success as a tool to help others.

Metrolina Association for the Blind Member Randy Allen

Randy Allen is a donor for the Metrolina Association for the Blind, a Charlotte, North Carolina organization that works to improve life for blind people in the area. Randy works hard to make sure that his community is the best it can be for everyone, and he is especially dedicated to causes that help the vision impaired. The Metrolina Association for the Blind helps visually impaired people adjust, including the provision of special technologies for home life, transportation, and counseling. The Metrolina Association for the Blind provides in-home counseling for people with vision impairment, allowing them to develop strategies to organize their homes, to go grocery shopping, and to manage their medications and health needs. The Metrolina Association for the Blind also provides recourses for blind people, including textbooks and professional or academic resources in Braille.

The Metrolina Association for the Blind, recently advocated for crosswalk signals with an audio function so that visually impaired could know when it was safe to cross the street. This change was brought about because of a successful collaboration between the Association and the City of Charlotte.

For Randy, donating to the Metrolina Association for the Blind is a great way for him to give back to his community. Ever since his undergraduate years at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Randy Allen has been committed to helping others succeed. This passion for building strong interpersonal communities would later translate into his career of developing physical communities through real estate.

While he helps support organizations that he’s passionate about, Randy Allen also encourages people to help the community. “It doesn’t have to be the Metrolina Association for the Blind,” says Randy Allen. “As long as people find something they’re passionate and help, we’re building a stronger world.” Randy Allen is a strong proponent of building strong communities through strong citizenship.

Developer Randy Allen Leads in Waterfront Development

Randy Allen is one of the leading real estate expert land developers in the Southeastern United States. As the economy begins to recover, it looks different than it used to. More and more people are moving to suburbs close to urban areas, where job recovery is coming back more quickly than in other parts of the country. Because it is also becoming more common for families to move for a big professional opportunity, more and more people are renting homes rather than buying. In fact, renters are predicted to make up a larger portion of the housing market than ever before.  In response to this emerging trend, Randy Allen is working on buying homes for rent in the southeast.

Currently, Randy Allen is working on waterfront residential developments in several states. He has more than 40 years of experience, which he brings to his work.

In the Southeastern United States, Randy Allen is also a top developer of single family communities. All along the East Coast, single family neighborhoods have been planned, designed, and built by Randy Allen’s companies. He is an expert in designing neighborhoods that allow families to live, work, and play in friendly, safe spaces. In addition to neighborhoods, Randy also includes parks, marinas, and other community spaces. He particularly specializes in water and marina developments, because this is where his own interests lie.

“Working in a profession and on projects that relate to my interests really helps bring out the best work I have to offer,” says Randy Allen. “I’m very lucky.” Waterfront residential developments really allow Randy Allen to showcase his creativity and management skills. With so many successful waterfront development projects under his belt, Randy Allen is one of the leading developers in the region.